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Camp Week: 'The Great Outdoors'... In Style

THE CITRUS CRAZE: our feeling is that if you're going to be hiking or camping at sleepaway camp, best to do it in style! ...for us, that means plenty of color: from left to right, we love Nike's Tempo Track Women's Running Shorts in aptly named 'Chlorine' blue; you can achieve a similar tangerine twang with New Balance's Women's sneaker; heading to lemon, Urban Outfitters' Two Tone Corded Wayfarer sunglasses are retro chic, inexpensive, and offer the added bonus of extra support for those times you'll be running around or swimming in the sun! pack toiletries or First Aid items in SCOUT's Pill Popper, shown here in Croc-O-Gator Green; finally, cap off this look with a squeeze of lime in Athleta's Wickit Workout Tee.

















THE PASTRY BRIGADE: we love our greens, yellows, and oranges here at SCOUT, but we love a good multicolor story just as much! Scout's LSDaisley pattern for this spring plucks inspiration from the citrus hues above, as well as the 'pastry' or 'Candyland' hues showcased below: if you'll be going on a day hike at camp, SCOUT's Wee Gotcha Backpack (left) will prove a trusty trekking companion, with its perfect smaller size and shape, it makes grabbing a water bottle on-the-go an easy task; or, if you'll be going on a camping trip for a couple nights under the stars, SCOUT's Gotcha Backpack (right) will be a great for its roominess and convenient outside pockets; other camping necessities, whether hiking or camping, include a brightly-colored water bottle, we love the Nalgene below designed with a narrower mouth; for First Aid, order some fun bandages from the Paper Source, their Cupcake Bandages will certainly encourage a smile after a scrape.

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