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Camp Week: Home & Away By Day

FOR THE LADS & LASSES WHO LUNCH: pack a sandwich in lunchskins' perfectly-sized travel bag with a convenient velcro flap, its green and white pattern below goes hand-in-hand with this spring's Mint Julep print from SCOUT! for yogurt, pluck one from the colorful assortment of short spoons that Rice offers in blue and green hues; Fage Greek yogurt tastes great plain, but we have a feeling the kids will pick its fruit containers, each of which has a clever side compartment for preserves (a non-fruit but additional flavor is h0ney); finally, one great new lineup of products we just spotted was Happy Tiffin's stainless steel to-go boxes, in particular, one that would fit nicely in some of SCOUT's insulated totes is the company's 'Oval Office' Bento Box, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and design structures for easy eating and travelling; for the long haul, pack containers and any other food into SCOUT's Pleasure Chest, featured below in a color that pops (read: you'll be able to find it at the end of the day amidst the inevitable sea of kids' insulated items!) 











AFTERNOON SNACK ATTACK & A SANITATION STATION: for the afternoon snack period, SCOUT's smaller insulated totes are 'just right' in size for storing food & drink that's healthy and tastey, we opt for either the Ice Ice Baby, shown here in Crew Blue, or the Doggie Bag, shown here in Mint Julep; for drink, Izze's sparling juice in Apple is delicious and healthy! another added-bonus in the snack department is fairly new ship company Popchips, available in an array of all natural flavors; post-lunch and post-snack, we can't necessarily expect every kid to wash his or her hands at a sink, but if there's hand sanitizer at the ready, they're pretty much set... Jurlique's Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is available in a 'to go' size, for you and your kids!

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