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Camo-Based Vacations: Pair with the Original Deano


The Point is part of the Adirondack Great Camps, which were getaways originally established for wealthy city inhabitants that wanted a change of pace with a lake & mountain view. According to the intriguing description on its web site, The Point is “a vibrant and exclusive house party, an elegant hideaway, the essence of rustic splendor, luxury and whimsy amid Adirondack Mountain wilderness.” It’s just too bad that after a weekend at the Point you can’t Polly-Pocket the resort right into your Deano for future stay-cations at home.


For those less of the ‘solitude’ set and more of the active, Keswick Hall offers its visitors the perfect country weekend within the confines of the resort, which is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains: swimming, fly fishing, golf and tennis is just a selection of the things you can do during a stay at this beautiful resort… However, if you’re part of a less sporty family, pack up the Deano and set off on one of the property’s trails for a peaceful afternoon with great food and good company as you dine within steps of the property.


A separate stay in Asheville, NC is a must for all of that city’s shopping and dining attractions, but just beyond it is the Grove Park Inn, set between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. One main attraction that we recommend? A rafting or kayaking tour along the French Broad River, courtesy of the Nantahala Outdoor Center’s Asheville location, conveniently located on inside the Grove Park Inn. After your day on the river, consider kicking back at the Hotel’s spa. This place has just about everything you could possibly need or want out of a ‘mountain retreat’!


For the family or couple that wants to have an ‘independent’ vacation, we suggest the Winvian, which is comprised of 18 cottages and one main area, the Gordon Brown House. Winvian boasts, “Surrounding us and directly accessible from our grounds is the famous White Memorial Foundation with 4000 acres” – there is certainly no shortage of activity, and, depending on the season, you can go from horse-back riding in the summer and fall to snowshoeing in the winter. Similar to the Point in the Adirondacks, Winvian is located in Litchfield Hills, CT, so for the city-set this is the perfect weekend getaway!


The coolest thing about the Mountain Lodge in Telluride (besides it’s being in Telluride!) is the cabins*, each of which offers direct access to the slopes. With cabin-amenities that include gas fireplaces and grills, it might be hard to leave the Mountain Lodge… but leave you must, to enjoy the beauty that the surrounding area has to offer. From paragliding to lounging in hot springs, this time of year in Telluride is ideal for most types of vacationers, from the extreme-sportsmen and women to the more leisure-oriented groups.

*For those looking to spend less or those who will eat in town, Mountain Lodge has individual rooms which can be rented for days at a time.

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