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Buy Ahead in the Nation's Capital

SALE… Just hearing the word from a consumer-happy friend or reading it in a promo email is enough to make the heart skip a beat… and then sprint off to wherever the sale is! This week we’re featuring some of our own SCOUT products on sale now, as well as other useful items from bedding to beachwear. Here we encourage you to stock up on the good stuff of 2011 before it leaves the ‘SALE’ pages of your favorite web sites!


Clockwise from top right: Prep for DC with a viewing of All the President's Men (1976, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, pictured); enjoy the famed Georgetown/DC classic Wedding Crashers (2005, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, pictured); two guys who’ve settled their business in DC, the design duo of Smathers & Branson (pictured), make well-priced, great looking needlepoint belts... Sherman Pickey in Upper Georgetown has a wide selection and does special orders; also in Upper Georgetown, visit new store Dalton Pratt (pictured) to pick up a frame to capture your fave DC snapshot or find yourself a cool piece of jewelry; for an avant garde take on DC style, stop into Relish (pictured) in Cady’s Alley, just down from Georgetown’s M Street; Hu’s Shoes & Hu’s Wear are further down on M Street with a fantastic selection of shoes & RTW, respectively, and then directly next to the Four Seasons, M29 has an amazing variety of unique and chic gifts; when you venture downtown, on 14th Street Muleh is a must-see for contemporary and classic furniture and fashion; grab artisanal cheeses from a West coast company that also has a strong following on the East coast, conveniently right here in DC, Cowgirl Creamery (pictured); buy the Hippie Crack from Baked & Wired (pictured) to munch on in between meals; tote party- and partisan-themed favors in SCOUT's all-inclusive DC tote (pictured), the Mini Deano in Capitol Fun.

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