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Behind the Scenes: the Charleston Photoshoot

Hi! This is Megan taking you all behind the scenes of our recent Charleston photoshoot! We continued our Spring/Summer 2017 tour up the east coast in a place where we feel perfectly at home, Charleston, S.C. We fell for the southern charm, meeting some great people and finding some amazing locations to gather imagery for the season. Take a behind the scenes look at some of our favorite pictures we took and places we visited!

Daniel Island

We stayed on Daniel Island while we were in town and got some great shots throughout. What a beautiful place!

Charleston-132 Deb and Sarah styling and taking care of details, respectively. This duo ensures that we get the perfect shot!
Charleston-142 This is just fun. Something about the croquet scene really makes me laugh. I love seeing Laura and Kate styled up in a way that feels so SCOUT!


Charleston-249 We ran into a new friend on the courts who was sporting one of our Pocket Rockets as her tennis bag. It is so fun for the photo shoot team to get to interact with the customers like this - it's a rare opportunity and so important!


Zero George

To make the most of our time we decided to host a happy hour at Zero George for old and new friends. The grounds of Zero George are absolutely charming and the veranda where we were matched with beautiful weather was just the hit of spring we needed! They serve some incredibly inventive hors d'oeuvres, like a paté macarón, which was exquisite, and I do not care for paté. We highly recommend.

Charleston-264 Laura, rocking a summer collection Original Deano (available May 2!)
Charleston-315 The photoshoot team: Sarah, myself, Laura, Kate and Deb!


Mount Pleasant

Day 2 we headed to Mount Pleasant for breakfast at the much raved about, Vintage Cafe. We were not disappointed. The food was excellent, juices fresh, coffee strong, couple that with the relaxed vibe and outdoor seating and we started the morning off strong.

IMG_0741[1] Kate, sipping in style, holding the Golden Girls in Chalk the Line.
Charleston-467 We met up with a local friend, Krystine, who showed us one of her favorite spots to relax, the Pitt Street Bridge. She's holding the Original Deano in Shelly.


IMG_0842[1] Sarah, rocking a Daytripper in Skinny Dipper in downtown Mount Pleasant.

Sullivans Island

Obligatory beach shots! Because SCOUT and the beach is always a good idea.Charleston-657

Charleston-833 We were joined later in the day by some precious baby models: Virginia (3) and Margaret (1). Kate has known their mom for years and years and they were happy to oblige us for the afternoon!


IMG_0969[1] After a long day of shooting, we sought some much needed refreshments at this fantastic Sullivans spot, Beardcat's Sweet Shop. Highly recommend. If for nothing else, then to admire their awesome logo.


We couldn't wait to get downtown to shoot, you may even say we saved the best for last! We started the day at the Daily, juiced up and made our way to Open Door Shop to shoot in Harrison Blackford's studio. We headed down to the most quintessential Charleston streets on the Battery and took some stunning photos. We called it a wrap when Kate and Laura could no longer smile properly and headed over to Leon's. Everyone, drop everything you're doing and head to Leon's. We loved it here; relaxed and funky vibe with unbelievable food. And ice cream cones for dessert. The perfect way to wrap up a quick jaunt to Charleston!

Charleston-894 The Plus 1 in Compass Rose modeling in front of one of Harrison Blackford's gorgeous paintings from her new series.
Charleston-926 A door of Charleston painting by Harrison modeled sheepishly by Kate.






Stay tuned! Tomorrow we're walking you through the patterns that work with everything Charleston has to offer!

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