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Behind the Scenes: SS16 Photo Shoot

Every year when the Fall/Winter collection is in full swing, we take a moment to retarget our energy toward the Spring/Summer collection. This moment - a 4-day photo shoot - is a ton of work and a ton of fun. Our marketing geniuses have already outlined what the season's campaign will look like and with their direction a shot list is carefully crafted and refined. There is A TON of preparation that goes into the studio photo shoots. Check out below to see some of what we were up to!

Day 1


Pictured: Sarah, top bunk and Kate, bottom bunk


The team heads to our photographer Dan's studio in Baltimore. Fixture assembly ensues. If you haven't spent the day setting up fixtures - you haven't lived! We need a day to get as much product, props and, of course, the fixtures up to Baltimore. It's a lot of schlepping.

Day 2

IMG_3037 Story-Board-Giftables smaller

Flat shots. Deb will tell you herself, she's a collector. She has so many cool things that she meticulously curates into the photo shoot. The story behind the shot has been planned in advance so, the products are pulled and Deb's props to match. All of the products and props are carefully laid out and photographed. Our Marketing Coordinator, Sarah, has the photo shoot down to a science so we can maximize our time in the studio. Each of these shots had to be done in 22 minutes. It's major what we get done while we're there!

IMG_3043 Deb and Sarah laying props over product to create a story board


IMG_3066 Deb and Kate #modellife


IMG_3073 The final product!

Day 3


Our photographer Dan capturing some close ups


Wall shots! We get our faux room situation put together in the studio and that is what we work on capturing all day. Again, the shots are all planned out in advance, but sometimes things just fall into place and we wing it a little.

IMG_3162 Deb eyeing the layout in between shots


IMG_3169 Are we getting you excited for Spring yet??

Day 4

The models arrive. Ahh, the last day, model day. We have 89459 things going on on this day. Deb styles all of the looks and puts them together in advance. She is a pro. Every outfit has a contingency plan in case something doesn't look quite right. Each outfit mixes pieces from her own wardrobe and pieces she finds specifically for the shoots. Meanwhile, people are packing up all of the fixtures to be shipped out and all of the product is getting packed away to be sent to our showroom in Atlanta. #chaos.

IMG_3205Abby & Laura causing a stir in baltimore


IMG_3211 Work perk #489591: Sometimes, you appear in the catalog.


IMG_3231What WE see!


Fashion-58 smaller What you see!


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