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Behind the Design: New Woven Tote

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Benjamin: Yes, sir.

Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?

Benjamin: Yes, I am.

Mr. McGuire: Plastics.

Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?

Mr. McGuire: There's a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?

Here, DWJ compiled a delicious vision board for a something cold, hard...and plastic we have in the works (It's not really cold or hard. I just throw myself at any opportunity to quote Mean Girls). She's used plastic color blocking with solid colors in matte and shiny plastics to create a contemporary, almost cartoonish, version of these everyday objects. We illustrated this mood board across warm and cool channels with a tonal contrast from top to bottom.

There’s something sexy about blocking across warm and cool spectrums. I mean, get a load of Gibby.   Serving us all kinds of sultry, woven-pvc lewks. YGG!

Nicole, my quangel deskmate/Product Development Coordinator, has been testing rubber and plastic threading to create a bag with a whole new tactile quality to it. Then, we have Lil’ Debbie giving the everyday and mundane new life with this reinterpretation of a plastic tote.

Durrrr, plastic is expendable. But, we've managed to suspend it in a state of duality: luxury AND throwaway. These days, plastics can look modern, rich, and cheap all at once. Take these Forever 21 "Birkenstocks," for example. Pretty fab, right?

Additionally, the use of color saturation is an exciting new frontier for us at SCOUT. We’re aiming to release this in our Holiday ‘19 Collection and merchandise it with a holiday cruise, holiday resort aesthetic. That's hot.

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