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Behind the Design: Metallics

This holiday season, Deb's giving the people what they want. "What do the people want?" you ask?  The people want luxe. The people love glitter. The people need metallic, shine, glitz and glamour! AND, a little gold, silver, frankincense and myrrh, I say!



Deb heard the people.  Then she ran.  She ran straight to our designers, Mark and Joe.  If you believe, you receive, so this season you're getting an expanded holiday collection.

On Glitzen is Deb's gift to the devoted fans of the Greek key. The geometric pattern is a timeless graphic with it's classic and cosmopolitan appeal. If you love the design, then you probably keep track of the pattern seasonally and buy it in every color.

Deb sees you, Greek key devotees. We've made our list, checked it twice and found out (knew) how nice y'all have been this year. When interpreted in gold and white, the pattern instantly becomes seasonal. How could Deb resist designing something special for sweet, little you?

Perhaps, you acquired the refined taste for our tear-drop patterns from Spring/Summer 17. Do Pearl Diver, Skinny Dipper, Sunbather ring any bells? I'm sensing the words "soft," "pretty," "feminine," "whimsical," and "almost, snowflake-like" describe your personal aesthetic. Right? Of course, right!

It's like I have ESPN or something, because that's exactly how we'd describe Shrimp & Glitz. Derivative of hand-stamped paisley, each print individual stamp is different with varying evenness and disintegration. This pattern is softer, more delicate, prettier--a novelty. The paisley gold on white has the effect of snowflakes, making it glitzy and seasonal. To all my fellow ~special snowflakes~ out there, Shrimp & Glitz goes out to you. #realrecognizereal

Pining Fir Gold is the every-(wo)man's pattern. It's a pattern for the people. *Basically, she made it for the rest of you muggles who don't posses an intense emotional bond with a specific pattern. Kidding! Sorry, I have to remind myself that not everyone is a complete pattern DWEEB, like myself. In reality, Pining Fir Gold is for the best people (calm down, no one is better than anyone else, just roll with it).

Pining Fir Gold is perfect for anyone who loves the holidays.  The motif and colorway make this our most holiday-specific pattern. The all over gold on white trees and stars make the design sophisticated, fun and gender neutral. I like to think Deb chose it for everyone who puts their Christmas tree up the day after Halloween.  These are the same people who don't take it down until receiving a warning by the fire department after nearly burning down their house and starting a neighborhood wildfire. ProTip: molten heat of old-fashioned, glass string lights and bone-dry pine needles don't mix.

We chose a matte, burnished finish for our solid metallics, rather than a patent or gloss.  Our Wink collection is faux textured leather and makes an ideal canvas for solid gold and silver.

You'll find an option for anyone in this season's metallic patterns that balance each other perfectly.

In my opinion, the best thing about our metallics is their ability to be seasonal and season-less all at once.  They'll put you in the holiday spirit faster than you can say "Martha May Whovier," and I guarantee you'll still be carrying it at your Uncle Tommy's annual 4th of July pig roast.  Heed my warning of wielding a Gold & Silver Golden Girl at social gatherings.  Everyone will want to pet it, hold it and play with it.  But, like the year you received a cat, or dog, or parakeet for (insert name of preferred holiday), you won't want to share.  My advice is to spread the metallic gospel and a little SCOUT cheer with friends and loved ones, by politely telling them to "please, get [their] own," or better, gift them one yourself!  There's a metallic out there for everyone, so go forth and light it up, bebes.



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