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Behind the Design: Decorative Patterns

Like a locker room at the big game, green room during opening night, empty classroom before presenting your Senior thesis, the Powder Room is sacred. This hallowed space can transport and rejuvenate you.  This holiday season, Deb's decorative prints have a similar effect.

So, with transport in mind, let's begin our journey with a little trip down memory lane...




Mid-twenties-Rebecca's concept of the "holidays" are very different from PRW-Rebecca's perception.  Before graduating and moving out of my family home, the"holidays" meant star-fishing by the fireplace in head-to-toe fleece and inhaling boiled custard.  Being the lazy loaf I was, I'd keep my seat while my parents carefully hung each ornament as if laying an infant in a crib.  Their eye for tree decor is impeccable (it better be, if they're devoting an entire weekend to it).  We heralded each tree--doting on it, watering it, and bursting into fits of rage after forgetting to turn it's lights on before leaving the house.  What would the neighbor's think?!  This said,  I took my holidays with a side of heavy decorations, sweets, and lounge wear.

*PRW: "pre-real world." Origin; my mind circa 1:59 pm.

Fast forward holidays 2k17.  I'm 25 years old and it's the holiday alumni party held at the [insert name of  intimidating venue].  I'm sweating through an itchy black turtleneck dress with one hand clutching a beverage and bacon wrapped date in the other.  I finish every response to the "and what do you do-s?" and "are you seeing anyone-s?" with an awkward, stifled laugh.  I long for the safety of my fleece, custard, and tree-loving parents.

Nervously, scanning the perimeter, I lock eyes with a fellow compatriot, then another, and another.  With a wolf-like instinct, we b-line to the nearest powder room, or what the British so quaintly refer, "the loo."  *I promise, there's a point to waxing elegant on the ghosts of my holiday past and present!

Deb's inspiration for Loo Blue and Powder Room originated from wallpaper prints. She designed the "wallpaper medallions" with an, almost, cameo shape and floral adornments, adding a decorative element to the originally simple, oblong oval.    The white ground allows the pretty pastels and mid-tones to resonate creating a very femme, and rather, retro-chic look. 

The powder room, known for it's carpeted, wall-papered, well-lit haven full of hand soaps, is a holiday party home-base.  Since the dawn of time, the powder room has served as sacred realm where we can retreat for hair fiddling, lip gloss applying, skirt and dress tugging, mint popping, and power posing before hitting the holiday party battlefield.

The white ground allows the pretty pastels and mid-tones to resonate, giving the prints a femme, and rather, retro-chic look.

Traditionally, the powder room features wallpaper as method to making an, often, small space more dimensional and interesting.  The idea was to create an environment that briefly transported guests to a more refined space while they sat or stood for short spurts.

This season, gift bags in these prints will be my calling card.  I'm heading to another Friendsgiving this weekend and (*spoiler alert*) the hostess is receiving prosecco, clad in a Powder Room Spirit Liftah.  The next lucky contestants will get Loo Blue Large Packages full of Puppy Chow.  So, unless my girlfriends are magically compelled to read this post mid-work day, they'll remain in the dark about my holiday staple.

For me, there's a little more behind the design.  Some of my fondest holiday fete memories were spent in the "girls' room" trying to remedy the effects of overzealous Kylie Lip Kit application or perfume spritzing.  *Because, there's nothing more disconcerting and comical than looking and smelling like you teleport-ed to the 80's in the beauty counter section of Dillard's.*  So, if you're also interested in leaving your own light and bright breadcrumbs this giving season, check out more of our Loo Blue & Powder Room bags.  We've all got our own reason's for the season...

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