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Behind the Design: Black


Hey, my quangels*

Here's the deal. It doesn’t take much to have me feeling like the one again or put some pep in my step. For example, nothing gets me fired up like a fresh pair of black leggings. The moment I slap on those bad boys, and my feet hit the mat, I transform into Rebecca Sanders: Yoga Extraordinaire. My oms rival a live Beyonce performance. If side-planking was a career field, then I'd be the CEO of Plank Inc. I'm pretty much levitating by the end of class.  *I really hope no one from the studio sees this.* All leggings aside, everyone has their secret weapons to feel like unstoppable-boss-Khaleesi versions of ourselves. This season, Deb gives us a reason to retire our golden lassos and cuffs with the release of our new Black Wink Collection. Before you know it, you’ll have joined the movement and want to personally thank her.  

quangel: n. queen + angel, Sally Wiebe, 2018. All rights reserved.

If you’re a SCOUT loyalist, then you’ve seen our painterly stripes, dots, hand-drawn honeycombs, greek keys, boucle (personal fav), ropes, tiles, camo (another personal fav), and hand-stamped compass patterns, to name a few. We all love these patterns. I mean, they’re designed for “life’s colorful adventures,” so you can’t not love them. But, if you’re Deb Waterman Johns—who dreams, eats, and breathes ideas for at least three seasons of design simultaneously, then you need a little solid, for the sake of your sanity. This is why Deb wears black. We’re talking all black everything, every day, with the exception of her bracelets. So, why shouldn’t you have a little black, too?
black pocket change
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Plus 1 in Compass Rose. She will always be one of my dearest friends, sisters, and compatriots. She’s braved the G2 Georgetown University bus, survived reunions with my Sewanee squadron in Kiawah, and remained steadfast after aggressive trips to Trader Joe’s. This said, sometimes she needs a serious break. And, sometimes a dimly lit, Spanish tapas bar isn’t exactly her scene. So, I’m doing her and myself a favor by bringing a loyal, new executive assistant, The DJ Bag in Black Wink, into my SCOUT bag fam. The Plus 1 needs her nights and weekends. Now, she’ll have The DJ Bag or a Zip File to step in and help me seamlessly transition from day to night, all year round.
black zip file
The new Black Wink Collection marks the birth of the new solid in our family of faux-textured leather bags, pouches, and accessories. I honestly don’t think this collection could have arrived at a better time. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but being a modern woman can be exhausting sometimes. Aside from basic survival, I want to be efficient, firing on all cylinders, practical, urban, chic, mysterious, edgy, and professional, all at once. Maybe, this is just a personal problem I need to work through, but I think you can relate to at least one of those concepts. The Black Wink Collection was designed for all generations of modern women. Deb identified the necessity for an “urban, sophisticated solid,” and presents us with this new batch of secret weapons for our daily hustle.
black DJ bag

Now that I’ve done a bang-up job of personifying my beloved, quilted tote and waxed elegant on the Black Wink movement, I’ll keep things short and sweet. What do Johnny Cash, everyone who attended the Golden Globes, Deb Waterman Johns, Audrey Hepburn, and Lisbeth Salander have in common? Well, they’re cool and fabulous, AND they rock the black. Now, join us. Get with the revolution and feel great about it. Because, after all, you’re getting a true classic without the investment. Don’t sleep on the Black Wink, ladies. These bags were designed to enhance your life. Finally, I’ll ask all you go-getters out there to consider Deb’s question, “If the time’s not now for [women], when?”

Act. Don’t wait. You’re gonna be great.

black bags and accessories

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