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Attack of the Fashionable Khakis

As the jumping off stance for a khaki look, most of the time we look to 'basic beige'... and the standout khaki pieces hanging in closets are usually trenches & trousers; this spring, however, khaki has become comparitive with the tonal likes of OD (olive drab) green, taupe, yellow, and even clay! It's an exciting time for this down to earth hue, which began in sandier tones and is now reaching towards black & white on each end of the color spectrum.


KHAKI STAPLES: choose from safari jackets, tailored pants & a shawl, or detailed high tops... use these key elements as inspiration when picking your print, metallic, or textured additions!

scout by bungalow khaki tan army green trenchscout by bungalow light brown trousers eyelet blouse grey shawlscout by bungalow khaki grey white high top sneakers










STANDOUT TEXTURE & PRINTS: with layered fabric and animal prints, 'item' dressing becomes the simplest way to 'commercialize' khaki tones; choose a unique piece such as a woven satchel, a snakeskin tote, or cheetah boots with a metallic sheen!

scout by bungalow woven brown white black satchelscout by bungalow snakeskin bag safari jacket eyelet skirtscout by bungalow gold cheetah print booties mauve socks










CAMOUFLAGE & DUSTY HUES: with khaki hues in particular, look to a variety of fabrics and weights for spring dress... we like canvas, waxed cotton, and linen, as featured here in a duffle bag, a clutch & hat combo, and lighter denim pieces. (This khaki and denim shot is from London's Dover Street Market, which features a stunning display of the simple and sophisticated tones you see here!)

scout by bungalow camouflage indian symbol duffle bagscout by bungalow graphite walletscout by bungalow khaki beige denim chambray


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