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A Spotlight on San Francisco: Streets, Stores and More


"San Francisco is almost a ‘European’ city in our country; it has a quality like Paris and London with its almost arrondissement or boroughs, each of which carries distinct centers of commerce and personalities. We want to highlight for you our favorite places to eat and shop, and in turn hope you will make this sensory trip to the West coast in the future, where foodies and fashionistas are filled up with the latest unique choices."

-Deb Waterman Johns


-Therapy, 545 Valencia Street; Mac, 387 Grove Street, 1003 Minnesota/2 locations; CandyStore Collective, 3153 16th Street; Ambiance, 1458 Haight Street; Wonderland, 2929 24th Street; Mira Mira, 3292 22nd Street; Decades of Fashion, 1653 Haight Street; Helpers House of Couture, Fulton Street/by appointment only; Wilkes Bashford, 375 Sutter Street; Susan, 3685 Sacramento Street; Britex (if you want to make your own clothes, visit this fabric store), 146 Geary Street; the Factory, 370 4th Street; Roberta Freyman, 2055 Fillmore Street *her resort line, Roberta Roller Rabbit, is due to open soon at Larkspur Landing; Azalea, 411 Hayes Street; Taylor Stitch, 383 Valencia Street; Nida, 544 Hayes Street.


-Nest, 2300 Fillmore Street; Picnic, 1808 Polk Street; the Voyager Shop, 365 Valencia Street; Lavish, 508 Hayes Street; Wishbone, 601 Irving Street; Bell Jar, 3187 16th Street; Soiree, 3676 Sacramento Street; Cliff’s Variety, 479 Castro Street; Timeless Treasures, 2175 Sutters Street; the Gardener, 1 Vallejo Street (Ferry Building); Cole Hardware, 956 Cole Street; Touchless Gifts, 444 Divisadero Street (inside the Car Wash); Jest Jewels, 1869 Union Street; Paxton Gate, 824 Valencia Street; Rare Device, 600 Divisadero Street; Ribbonerie, 3695 Sacramento Street; Bell’occhio, 10 Brady Street; the Perish Trust, 728 Divisadero Street; Needlepoint Inc., 275 Post Street.


-Sue Fisher King, 3067 Sacramento Street; Zinc, 1905 Fillmore Street; the Gardener, 836 4th Street in Berkley location; Gumps, 135 Post Street; the Curiosity Shoppe, 855 Valencia Street; Period George, 7 Clement Street; Accident and Artifact, 381 Valencia Street.


-Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store, 566 Columbus Avenue; Pizzeria Delfina, 3611 18th Street, 2406 California Street/2 locations; Susie Cakes, 2109 Chestnut Street; Cotogna, 490 Pacific Avenue; Blue Bottle Coffee, 1 Ferry Building, 315 Linden Street/2 locations; Chez Panisse in Berkley, still as good as it ever was; Delarosa SF, 2175 Chestnut Street; Farina and Farina Pizzeria, 3560 18th Street; State Bird Provisions, 1529 Fillmore; Canteen, 817 Sutter Street; Boulette’s Larder, 1 Ferry Building; SPQR, 1911 Fillmore Street; A16, 2355 Chestnut Street; Great Eastern, 649 Jackson Street; Yuet Lee, 1300 Stockton Street; Burma Superstar, 309 Clement Street.


Valencia, Fillmore, Geary, Chestnut, Divisadero, Sacramento, Maiden, and Sutter Streets. Dogpatch, Hayes Valley, The Castro, Noye Valley, Union Square, and the Ferry Building make up our must-see areas full of shopping possibilities.

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