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SCOUT Starter Set: For the World Traveler

We often get asked the question, "What bag should I get my friend who doesn't already own SCOUT?" Today we're simplifying the age-old question with three items that make the perfect "SCOUT Starter Set." See how to shop for your old friend with a touch of wanderlust this holiday season!


Plus 1 in Big Sky - the bag that every traveler needs, this bag comes stored in a compact pouch that easily fits anywhere. Throw it in your travel bag, and when you acquire things on your trip load them in this spacious and sturdy expandable tote. It's also excellent for a beach getaway: beach bag when you need it, folded into suitcase pocket when you don't!

Tiny Package in Wise Sky - Staying with a friend? Staying with a friend of a friend of a friend? It doesn't matter who they are, they'll appreciate a token of appreciation. Tuck your host/hostess gift in one of these bags to delight them the moment they lay eyes on it!

The Bacall in Diamond Sky - for the person who likes to blend in with the locals, this compact crossbody holds (and organizes!) the essentials. The detachable strap means it goes securely across your body, or functions as the perfect clutch.


1. Akris Punto Half  Button Blouse | 2. H&M Ribbed Top | 3. H&M Contrast Detail Sweaterblog_ScoutStarterKit_WorldTraveler3
4. AG Stilt Cropped Jeans | 5. 7 for all mankind skinny destroyed jeansblog_ScoutStarterKit_WorldTraveler4
6.See Concept Blue Light Screen Protective Case | 7. Aquazzura Brooklyn Embroidered Denim Block Heelblog_ScoutStarterKit_WorldTraveler5
8. Forever 21 Long Sweater | 9. Zara Long Denim Bomber | 10. Zara Masculine Coat | 11. Zara Lightweight Down Puffer

Need something more subdued?

Look no further. Tested on the arm of Deb for over a year, the DJ Bag stows under the seat in front of you with ease, carrying just about anything you'd like to take on a plane, and looks good doing it.


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