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16 Movies You Need to Watch This Summer

Here at SCOUT headquarters, we are thrilled sunshine is (finally) upon us! After a few beautiful days, we're officially facing unbearably-hot and humid days. And, what's our favorite unbearably-hot and humid summer activity?! Great movie watching, of course! We compiled 16 classic, must-see movies to help you beat the heat:

movie-reel-reel-of-film-clipartscout summer movie poster

In no particular order:

  1. Grease. "Just an old standby - an honorable mention for the old farts." -Jeff, Staff Accountant
  2. Point Break. "It’s the perfect movie to watch with friends on a rainy day at the beach house. Features undercover sleuthing, surfing, skydiving, bank robbing, chase scenes, some bad but earnest acting by a super young Keanu Reeves, the Red Hot Chili Peppers as punk surfers, and Patrick Swayze. 100% Pure Adrenaline!" -Melissa, Brand Content and Design Manager
  3. Sweet Home Alabama. "It's lighthearted and gives me serious Reese Witherspoon nostalgia. She’s such a sweetheart." -Kelly, E-Commerce and Consumer Sales Coordinator
  4. Dazed and Confused. "That's what I love about this movie, man. I get older, it stays the same age. Plus, Randall "Pink" Floyd is still a babe." -Crutcher, Team Lead and Regional Sales Manager
  5. Wet Hot American Summer. "For anyone who was a camper or staff member at a sleepaway summer camp, seeing just one day in the “life” of this camp rings true(ish). It’s totally inappropriate humor, but so well done (in my opinion!) because it hyperbolizes simple summer camp activities and scenarios." -Sally, Regional Sales Manager
  6. The Parent Trap. "SUCH a classic. Features Lindsay Lohan a little bit before her prime (which is now.) I also love Meredith Blake and all of the houses (thanks, Nance.)" -Megan, Creative Engagement Coordinator
  7. Moonrise Kingdom. "Perfection." -Deb, Co-Founder and Creative Director
  8. Summer Rental. "They all highlight / celebrate simple summer pleasures and rely on simple humor to tell the story. And, in all of them, there is an underdog who ‘wins’ so to speak. I am a sucker for a good underdog story." -Tab, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager
  9. Love Actually. Although it's not really a summer movie, it is ALWAYS on during the summer. And I can't help but watch it... -Jeff, Staff Accountant
  10. Independence Day. “If you’re looking for a summer blockbuster, nothing says classic like 90’s American patriot Will Smith saving the day (and the entire earth) from alien disaster and day and falling in love with his stripper girlfriend.”-Crutcher, Team Lead and Regional Sales Manager
  11. Dirty Dancing. See no. 8. -Tab, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager
  12. The Way Way Back. See no. 8.  -Tab, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager
  13. Fever Pitch. "Guilty pleasure because I hate the Red Sox, but anything with Jimmy Fallon is <3 <3" -Laura, Regional Sales Manager
  14. The Sandlot. "I like it because it reminds me of how simple it was to be a kid before technology. It kind of embodies everything that summer break meant growing up; hanging out with all your friends in the neighborhood, pool hopping, using your imagination to come up with new games or adventures." -Nicole, Product Development Coordinator "My favorite scene is when Squintz fakes drowning, I'm going to go home and watch it." -Kate, VP of Sales and Creative Engagement
  15. The Great Outdoors. See no. 8. -Tab, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager
  16. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. "Because everyone wants to secretly be Kate Hudson and have Matthew McConaughey fall in love with them" -Laura, Regional Sales Manager
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