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The SCOUT blog: design, travel, fashion, and more

  • Deb's Desk: Austin Photoshoot

    With an atmosphere that reads cool, contemporary, bohemian, modern, southern, and traditional all at once, Austin, Texas couldn’t have been a more intriguing and exciting destination for our Spring/Summer 2019 catalog photoshoot. With an ever-expanding foodie culture, rich music scene, and affinity for murals, wall art, and creative spaces in general, there’s a definite feeling of freedom in the Austin city air (or, as our Chief Creative Officer, Deb Waterman Johns, calls it “the boho cowboy vibes”). Austin’s irresistible vibrancy and quirkiness are among several reasons this city felt spot-on for a SCOUT photoshoot.

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  • Deb's Desk: Black & White Hearts

    Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is a pretty polarizing holiday. You either love it or loathe it. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid thanks to Walgreens and CVS, Zales and Jared, and the omnipresent social media platforms we click through all day long. Whether you’ve already laid out your dream V-Day outfit that seamlessly transitions you from work to happy hour to dinner, or you’ve added a work-from-home notification on your Outlook calendar for the entirety of next week, the masterminds at SCOUT HQ have concocted just the remedy—what we like to call a “happy”—to unite both parties. So, let’s talk about the perfect contradiction that is black hearts.

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  • Deb's Desk: Winter Whites

    Got a case of the late January sads? Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of the “seasonless” clothing movement: WHITE denim. White jeans are the perfect foil to the gray mood of winter. So, have no fear, sullen snowflakes, winter whites are here, and li’l Debbie is going to school you on how to rock neutral looks that will have you feeling like yourself again.

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  • Behind the Design: Denim

    With Wednesday’s release of the new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, it’s only appropriate we shine a glorious, blue light on our newest solid: DENIM. We often forget how highly functional, seasonless, and well worth the splurge it is. Luckily for all you SCOUT cowgirls, our newest denim products won’t break the bank or split the old wallet at the seams.

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  • What's in the Bag: Perfect Pairs

    It’s the third week of January, so there’s no denying everyone and their mother is in dire need of a little pick me up. Whether it’s a spicy wardrobe piece, fresh pair of sneakies, or a brand spankin’ new lint roller (lint rollers are highly underrated)—we all crave a mini-revamp to really get that New Year train chugging.

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  • 2019 Foodie Trends

    Five dining dreams, fantasies, and resolutions for 2019:

    1. Eat more cool stuff. Duh. We’ll help you get started with our juicy list of dining establishments in San Francisco, New York, and DC. Shout out to Tucker and Gibson Johns for the good looks in San Fran and NY

    2. Actually enjoy delicious, savory, and nutritious (or innutritious) food, which leads me to #3...

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  • 2019 Hot Destinations

    I don’t know about y’all, but I was ready to tell 2018 to not let the door hit them on their way out last Monday. This said, last week Deb, Erin, and I took a beat to brainstorm/rant about our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for 2019. I couldn’t be more amped for the new year and the shiny new breadcrumbs of positivity and possibility 2019 is laying out for us. Follow the breadcrumbs, people! It’s time to rise, grind, and get that new year bread. Our first savory loaf of New Year’s inspiration is a warm list of our top trending travel destinations. You only 2019 once, so let’s get going and GET IT.

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  • Deb's Desk: Santa Letters

    Ho, ho, ho, Chrimby quangels...

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year again at SCOUT Bags HQ—Santa Letters! Nothing says "Happy Holidays," like searching for the perfect gifts, scouring Target for the coolest toys, wrapping up those bad boys with shiny paper and pretty ribbons, and spreading cheer like nobody’s watching.

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  • What's in the Bag: Holiday Bagettes

    Calling all turtle doves!
    Fill your bag with swag and style. Come in hot towing a Bagette filled with essentials your host/hostess will actually use and honestly needs. Added bonus: the Bagette is one of our Top-Sellers, and I’m talking TOP sellers, peeps (I don’t know if I was authorized to pass out that information, so that’s my gift to you, lucky readers). This is a Trader Joe’s favorite and a good looking tote at that. With delightful patterns, next-level roominess, and two handle lengths, your host will slam dunk that bag full of a bunch of other bags straight into the recycling. Saving trees and ocean critters is a sacred holiday gift even you can give!

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  • Behind the Design: Leopard

    Hi kitties, I have something to say about leopard. Point blank: it is the "power print." When you wear a leopard jacket, shoe, dress, heck, even a purse, you essentially become a brooding, powerful leopard slinking around the savannah stalking your prey (or grocery shopping). There are literally no rules to rocking leopard, only possibilities. This said you should wear it all season long, and Deb’s going tell you exactly how to do so. Kitty cat MEOW.

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