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Beach Bags & Coolers

Our colorful and roomy beach totes and coolers carry all you need for sunny days by the sand and water. Best of all? They're water resistant, ultra-lightweight, and easy to clean (we don't like bringing sand home, either). Shop Beach gear →

Original Deano and Crown Jewels
Original Deano in Sol Surfer Sheer Madness in Swimfan The Stiff One in Fangirl The BJ Bag in Fish Upon a Star


Beach Bum

Tote Bag • $39

The Beach Bum tote is made of our durable all-weather woven fabric, making it a great beach or pool bag. It has a slim profile and zipper closure, and easily wipes clean. SHOP ALL PATTERNS →

There is nothing more exciting than planning a much-needed trip to the beach. Whether you’re taking a long vacation or simply driving to the coast for a day, do you have the beach essentials you need to relax and unwind? SCOUT carries an unmatched selection of beach gifts for families that enjoy a little fun in the sun. No matter if you’re shopping for yourself or a special someone who deserves a break, we offer the perfect must-have beach gifts that always make a splash. No trip to the beach is complete without snacks, a great book, Frisbee, and more. SCOUT totes make carrying the essentials an absolute breeze with our selection of quality totes. You can choose our classic Deano tote, or opt for the highly functional BJ Bag pocket tote. Either way, you’ll never find yourself leaving items at home for lack of space. If you’ve got hungry little ones to feed on beach day, consider a SCOUT cooler – a soft, yet sturdy option that won’t take up too much space and is always easy to carry. Not only do our beach gifts come in an incredible range of colors of patterns, they are also water-resistant, ultralight, and super easy to clean.