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Going somewhere? We want to come! SCOUT specializes in travel bags of all kinds and sizes, from the travel day bag for daytime activities and excursions, to overnight bags for women. Adventure in style with our lightweight, vacation-ready travel bags that forgo the bulky and downright cumbersome construction typical of travel pieces. The travel tote bags we carry weigh practically nothing, allowing you to pack practically anything and everything you’ll need on your next voyage. Travel bags that are this versatile and this stylish are hard to come by, whether you’re looking for a travel tote, travel garment bag, backpack, or overnight bags for women. Always prioritizing functionality, our styles are foldable and durable, allowing you to easily store them under a seat or in an overhead bin without worry of tears, rips, or stains. Need travel bags for the entire family? Not a problem, we have sizes for every function and patterns for every personality. Browse our variety of show stopping colors and designs that will not only display your unique style, but also help you identify your travel tote throughout your time away. See what its like to travel with SCOUT and we guarantee you won’t want ever go back.
Going somewhere? We want to come!

9 Item(s)

  1. Getaway
    $79.00 - $105.00
    Select Pattern
  2. NEW
    The Tucker
    duffle bag
    Select Pattern
  3. Overpacker
    foldable travel bag
    Select Pattern
    Plus 1
    travel bag
    $36.50 - $39.50
    Select Pattern
    travel bag
    $48.00 - $55.00
  6. Stowaway
    foldable backpack
    Select Pattern
  7. Duffy
    Select Pattern
    shoulder bag
    $30.00 - $45.00
  9. The DJ Bag
    shoulder bag
    $85.00 - $95.00
    Select Pattern

9 Item(s)