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Everyone has stuff, SCOUT gives them a place to put it. SCOUT is a family-owned, Washington, DC-based brand known for colorful bags that mix both function and fashion using original patterns and versatile designs. Learn more about us below:

Our Story





Q and A

Our Story

It began with an ah-ha moment

In the early 2000s, Deb Waterman Johns, Chief Creative Officer, spotted a (very expensive) chic carryall bag in the window of a high-fashion store in Milan. She realized there was a need for stylish, functional tote bags at an affordable price point, accessible to all women, and she could be the one to fill it.

Designed with the customer in mind

We’re committed to making lives easier, one bag (or two, or three) at a time. People have places to go, things to see, and stuff to carry—that’s where we come in. Our versatile products are designed to complement any lifestyle.

Celebrating life’s colorful adventures

If our brand is one thing, it’s fun. We know how to celebrate our stuff and have fun with life’s adventures—those we look for and those that find us. A Maryland customer once called her SCOUT tote a “conquer-the-world bag,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Our brand promise

You’re not just a retailer, but part of the SCOUT family. Together we can create a unique shopping experience with colorful, highly functional bags that keep customers coming back time and time again.


The average SCOUT customer is a working mother. She owns at least three SCOUT products, which she uses daily to keep her busy life organized.

96% of SCOUT customers are women 22% of custoemrs work in education The average SCOUT customer is 35-55 years old
SCOUT pattern designs


Chief Creative Officer, Deb Waterman Johns, travels the states and abroad several times a year, using her well-trained eye to find inspiration everywhere from fabric houses and color fairs to street fashion.

Upon absorbing the trends, Deb compiles images, objects and textiles to help inspire the direction for the season. For example, the shells from our Spring 2017 line were inspired by bathroom wallpaper in a San Francisco restaurant. Every pattern has a story.

Under Deb’s direction, our talented pattern designers create hundreds of original designs, hand drawing many of them.

The designs are edited down to a cohesive collection of patterns per season. Each pattern is a limited edition and produced only once. The SCOUT team then gathers to name each new pattern and product.


The best of both worlds: function and fashion.
Did you know our average price point is under $35?

Tote Bags

Designed for (literally) any task

These bags are intended for year-round, multi-purpose use.
Also known as a “conquer-the-world bag.” Shop →

Pocket Totes

A place for everything

From gym bags to baby bags, we offer a variety of pocketed
totes that suit different lifestyles. Shop →

Extra Large Tote Bags

The answer to large hauls

For storing off-season clothes, or packing an entire house
for a move, few bags in the marketplace can compete. Shop →


When fashion meets function

Backpacks aren’t just for kids anymore.
This classic silhouette is designed for ease. Shop →

Shoulder Bags

7-days-a-week bags

Women rarely carry only a purse, so why not give them choices? These bags go anywhere, filled with anything. Shop →

Travel Bags

Lightweight solutions

Fun fact: most of our bags weigh less than one pound!
They can also be used daily for the gym, pool or work. Shop →

Crossbody Bags

We take hands free seriously

Being hands free is a must for active women. Our
crossbodies were designed to be grab-and-go. Shop →

Gift Bags

Not your ordinary gift bags

While it may hold a gift, it is a gift in itself!
Reusable gift bags keep on giving. Shop →

Lunch Boxes

Envy of the lunch table

Offered in a variety of sizes, these coolers
are great for school or the workplace. Shop →

Soft Coolers

The delight of any picnic or party

A stylish, bright cooler is hard to come by, making our
soft-sided coolers popular gift items. They function as a
recreational item for boating or sporting events. Shop →

Wristlets and Wallets

Calling women of all ages

Ideal for younger customers who don’t carry purses,
or older customers who want a wallet to keep inside
their everyday bag. Shop →


Bags for this, that, and the other

These bags are intended to house the things no one
wants floating at the bottom of their purse. Shop →

Makeup and Toiletry Bags

Practical and pretty

Compact and easy to clean, these bags are perfect
travel (or everyday) companions. Take note: popular
gift items under $25! Shop →

Small Accessories

Don't sweat the small stuff

The little extras are great on their own or as
add-ons with other SCOUT purchases. Shop →

Storage Bins

We put the fun in function

These bins are useful anywhere. They fold flat for
storing and conveniently hold extra inventory. Shop →


All-Weather Woven

All-Weather Woven

Our water-resistant polypropylene fabric (like a tarp) is durable and colorfast. It gets softer with wear, but remains tough and resilient. This fabric is a constant in every collection. Product example: Original Deano. Shop All-Weather Woven →


Coated Cotton

Our cotton fabric is 100% cotton twill and finished with a light, water-resistant coating that makes it soft to touch. Product example: Packin’ Heat. Shop Coated Cotton →

Coated Poly

Coated Poly Twill

Primarily created for coolers, the lining is insulated and heat sealed (doesn’t leak) to ensure coolness for an afternoon in the sun. Product example: Pleasure Chest. Shop Coolers →


Quilted Poly Twill

Used in our travel collection, these bags and coolers weigh practically nothing, so you can carry practically everything! Product example: Plus 1. Shop Quilted Items →

Faux Textured Leather

Faux Textured Leather

All items in this fabric are a part of the chic Wink Collection. The faux leather is slightly textured, and logos are gold embossed. Product example: Pocket Change. Shop the Wink Collection →


SCOUT Flooring

Our indoor/outdoor rugs have a polyester fabric face and non-skid neoprene rubber backing. The low profile allows doors to pass over easily, and the best part? They're 100% machine washable! Shop SCOUT Rugs →


You have questions, we have answers.

How often are new items introduced?

There are two large collection releases per year, Spring and Fall, plus several capsule collections (Summer, Back to School, and Holiday). With few exceptions, patterns are released once and do not carry over into new collections. The pattern exclusivity keeps customers wanting more.

What are the order minimums?

Opening order: $1,000; Reorder: $250; Annual: $2,000

Why doesn’t every product come in every pattern?

With over 60 different products, pattern selection is very strategic. We offer the most patterns in our strongest products, and assort patterns by sub-collection or category. Fabric is also a factor—not all fabrics can be printed in every color.

What’s the average price point?

The average retail price point is $35, which is modest in comparison to others in our marketplace.

Can I sell on Amazon?

We do not work with vendors who retail product through Amazon, eBay, or any social media platform. For complete vendor terms, please visit wholesale.scoutbags.com/vendor-terms.

Do you offer territory protection?

Yes, we carefully review territories prior to approving accounts.

How do I place an order?

• Through your local sales rep.

• On the SCOUT wholesale website (your rep still gets credit).

• Over the phone at 877-639-6287.

Where can I find marketing materials?

Visit wholesale.scoutbags.com/image-library to download point-of-sale signs, email imagery, product shots, social media content, and more.