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Weekend Trips with the Deano: Philadelphia & Cape May

PHILADELPHIA, STAY, EAT & SEE: stay at the Hotel AKA, a cool & contemporary vibe that yet remains thoroughly comfortable as your travelling place of 'zen'; eat at Steven Starr's latest venture, the Dandelion Pub, which features excellent UK-inspired cuisine; take a stroll through Rittenhouse Square, a park that is beautiful year-round, but most special in the summer, when it's greenest... 






CAPE MAY, STAY, EAT & SEE: while on Cape May at the nearby Jersey Shore, enjoy a stay at the Chalfonte Hotel, a gorgeous piece of property near the beach, restaurants, and Washington Street Mall; eat at the Mad Batter, a delish breakfast spot in a sunny setting; people-watch and window-shop at the Washington Street Mall.






SHOPPING WITH THE DEANO: while there are smaller-scale, fun shops to stop in on Cape May, be sure to take your Deano and stop into some of Philly's best stores... we love Joan Shepp, which showcases a wide array of designers and products, from jewelry to clothing to shoes (don't miss their display of jewelry from John Wind!); as Anthropologie first opened in Philadelphia, definitely pay respects within its homhome city, there's one nearby Rittenhouse Square, right on Walnut Street!

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