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Summer Travel Staple: the BJ Bag

Summer is full of nomadic activity. From travel to city and seaside destinations, all require bringing along your favorite gear and ensembles to feel great when you get there! Three travel bags that we love are featured here for all of your summer fun. Inspired by the seaside style of Charleston, these picks are at once classic and on trend. You won't want to leave home without them!

A girl need glamour at her fingertips…even at the beach! Fill your beach bag with all of the essentials for a fun day in the sun.  Focus on white with shades of watermelon and lemonade pink to add a feminine touch!


1. Havianas | 2. warby parker sunglasses | 3. calypso st. barth scallop padded triangle top | 4. roberta roller rabbit kurta | 5. tosowoong sunscreen | 6. calypso st. barth tassel trim pant | 7. roberta roller rabbit pom pom necklace | 8. thomas paul beach towel | 9. zara hat
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