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Right Off the Runway: Grecian Drapes

This week we are focusing on the season-less aspect of fall fashion. Grecian art and culture has been  a huge fashion influence for modern day styles due to the flattering drapery inspired by ancient grecian clothing. Simplicity and function were important for Greek men and women, partially because of the summer heat in Greece. Fabric, typically a light linen, was folded, pleated, and draped around the body to create a tunic like dress that was made to keep cool but look finished. Today, we associate drapery, tunics, and even peplums, which are derived from the Greek peplos or women's tunics, with Greece and will forever be indebted to Greece for its immense influence on modern fashion.

Just because the Greeks wore drapes for comfort and simplicity doesn't mean the style is limited to that. These cocktail dresses are great for a gala or night out on the town.

Ruffled Dress Wrap Dress | Drape Dress

The perfect day dress can be drapes yet still have a tailored look.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.01.04 AM


We're taking advice from the ancient Greeks and loving their use of neutrals and earth tones.



For a go-to Grecian inspired outfit we love this combo.


 Top |Pants | Sweater | Espadrilles 

Drapes aren't just for summer. Carry these pieces over to your fall and winter wardrobe with these chic drape sweaters.


Turtleneck | Cardigan
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