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Repurposing SCOUT Coolers with Hostess & Holiday Gifts at All Price Points: Mid

Today we're going green... in color and in cash! This is our mid-priced post, for the host or hostess who enjoys gourmet snacks, pastries, or soda. And don't forget, for gift wrapping and gift tag options (if you're wanting to spruce up your gift with more than just our colorful totes), Nashville Wraps and online retailer Paper n' Snitch has just the right stuff.


From left to right: SCOUT Cool Clutch Insulated Tote in Sweetpea Stripe, $23; Hapi Snacks Wasabi Peas, 12 cans for $35.88, so your hostess never has to worry about a last-minute snack run for her parties; Kaia Foods Chili Lime Kale Chips, $4.99, for a perfect pairing with the wasabi peas; Stewart's Key Lime Soda, 24-pack $29.99, for guests to quench their thirst after the spiciness of chili; Napoleon's Macaroons, 24-pack $36... we recommend filling your box with mostly pistachio to keep it green.

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