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Repurposing SCOUT Coolers with Hostess & Holiday Gifts at All Price Points: Low

It's that time of year, folks... just when you hop off the couch and emerge victorious from the food hangover of a delicious Thanksgiving, you arrive at the mail and notice several invitations to holiday parties... Then a family member calls and says she'd love for you to come to her house for (insert holiday here). If you're like us, you're no doubt putting together a gameplan of what types of host and hostess gifts to grab while the gettin's good. Worry not! We've got plenty of tips and price points this week, all items of which fit conveniently in the SCOUT cooler we'll be featuring on a given day. And, if you're wanting to spruce up your gift with more than just our colorful totes, great gift wrap and gift tag options are Nashville Wraps and online retailer Paper n' Snitch.


From left to right: Texas Best Turkey Jerky, $8.99, perfect for your meat-eating family members; Kitchen Cooked Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds, 6 Pack, $23.94, a spicy snack staple; Iron City Old German cans, <$10 a can, so you keep it classy; American Hero Beverage Napkin, $1.29 for a pack of 16, who needs coasters?

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