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Planning Your Outfit in Anticipation of a Wedding's Color Story: White

For the daytime or nighttime wedding, for the formal or the informal, we’re lining up four dresses a day in various cuts and hues within a bride’s possible color story for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday posts on Yo Deb. There’s no need to look like a bridesmaid – don’t worry, we’re not just throwing silk charmeuse numbers at you and saying “roll with it” – however, if you know your bride prefers a certain color or set of colors, we say help her reach wedding day bliss by wearing one of her favorite hues in your dress and/or pair of shoes!

Dressing for weddings often means ‘following the lead’ with the execution of your outfit’s accessories, and we do encourage that (hey, weddings are all about tradition, even today). That said, there’s a bit more room to explore these days... you could wear a shoe ‘dyed to match’ (classic) or opt for a more contemporary pick by wearing something high-contrast that serves as more of an ‘accent’ in color and/or pattern. Both picks are guaranteed to photograph well, something which the bride will thank you for later!


Clockwise from top left: L’Wren Scott Ivory Belted Combo Dress; Zac Posen Cap Sleeve Crepe Dress; Michael Kors Lace-Detailed Boucle Sheath Dress; Victoria Beckham Jacquard Cocoon Minidress; Prada Crystal Bow Sandal; SCOUT Totes Ma Goat in VaniLLa Bean; Fendi Swirl Cutout Colorblock Sandal; Miu Miu Glitter Heel Patent Pump; Renee Caovilla Lace T-Strap Sandal.

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