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On the Streets of Europe: Milan Families

Yo Deb readers, our blogger and creative director just returned from her semi-annual trip overseas to some of the best cities European fashion has to offer: Paris, Milan, and a quick jaunt through London. For the next couple weeks we'll be highlighting the top trends that Europeans exhibit as they embark the fall season. ENJOY!



In cultures that appreciate daily aesthetics – window shopping, a beautiful meal, time to stop for coffee in the neighborhood – families take the time to coordinate how they will look walking down the street. This concept is multigenerational – from kids to grandparents. Grey, khaki, puddy, sand, white… these hues are often complemented by shades of blue (this includes when the hue in reference is a dog's coat! see below). The key to this ‘effortless’ way of dressing is the planning that goes on before these families walk out the door.

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