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Navy & White for a Destination Wedding

For a destination wedding, we love the idea of a navy, white and red color story, all the way from your dress to the bride & groom's guests!

DRESS OPTIONS: inspiration for these weddings stems from the 'New England beach wedding', with red, white and blue as an increasingly popular color story for summer weddings. We love patterns that range from classic to geometric to texturally inspired, from ikats to simple dots and stripes. Solid, navy, or red are dramatic yet classic... we recommend you avoid white, however, since the bride will be carrying that theme.














SHOE OPTIONS: we love platforms and ultra-high heels to add a little sex appeal to a classic dress choice. The Mary Jane is refreshingly updated in cherry red, while a burnished metallic silver with a coral accent works with day-to-evening ensembles, and the blue and wood platform heel is cleverly detailed with a graphic navy & white 'scarf' for the ankle.










GOODIE BAG OPTION #1, THE 'JUST CHECKING IN': we think your out-of-town guests will find their 'by the sea' goodie bag irresistible and terribly useful. Mix treats with unique destination accessories for the most inviting wedding 'booty bag' ever!



GOODIE BAG OPTION #2, THE 'OFF TO THE BEACH': you never can tell how you'll wake up feeling the morning after wedding events, so we've designed the perfect 'get your groove back' health bag... a little medicine and a little sun goes a long way towards restoring youthful glow!


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