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Mother's Day Gift Prep, Day 2: For the 'Preppy Mom'

For the one who advocates wearing pink, green, and yellow like it's her J-O-B... for the one who wouldn't buy but is definitely curious to know if her style vibe coincides with the rules of apparel in 'The Preppy Handbook'... for the one who feels 'naked' without a strand of pearls... Here's to you, preppy mom!

HER PREPPY INSPIRATION, PERHAPS: maybe she dons the latest collection from designers like Tory Burch, J. McLaughlin, or Brooks Brothers; maybe her kids ask "is it Easter?" when she champions bright colors at the first sign of spring; maybe she totes Scout's Micro Deano in Prep Stripe Pink Cardigan... whatever the case, this woman loves color and ladylike pieces, so offer any one of the items below and she'll be set for Mother's Day!













GIFT IDEAS SHE MIGHT LIKE: notebook enthusiast Archie Grand has designed a stunning and colorful array of note-tomes that fit easily into your purse, and for the preppy mom we suggest either 'Shopahaulits I Met and Liked', below left, or 'Gardeners I Met and Liked', below right; Kate Spade has a number of beautiful accessories and jewelry pieces on her site, but we're currently loving two styles, her Crystal Kaleidoscope Necklace and her shorter strand of pearls fastened with a cute gold bow; at center, Lilly Pulitzer has designed a purse-sized fragrance to tote with you and spritz on the go in a most decorative little bottle!

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