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Holiday Wednesdays, Staff Picks: Molly Wants to Snatch Up the Lucky #13 Indigo Go Travel Set


Today one of our fab interns Molly teaches us the art of the perfect 'sporty' gift, with the Lucky #13 Indigo Go Travel Set (this Wednesday's gift-away! see SCOUT's Facebook page for more info!):

This gift would be perfect for...

"For the athletic fashionista. This Lucky #13 themed set includes all of the necessities needed to carry athletic clothing, gear, and accessories. The spacious interior of the Gameday is ideal for carrying the athlete’'s clothing/gear and is complemented by two adorable accessory bags ideal for storing jewelry, mouthguards, and advil. The Lucky #13 emblem naturally boosts those ‘good vibration vibes’ essential for peak performance on and off the field, while the denim fabric creates a timeless look independent of season trends."

indigo go travel set

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