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Happy Fourth of July from SCOUT by Bungalow

Are you just 'so totally over' fireworks-themed festivities on this Fourth of July? We say do your patriotic best and pick up some flicks with 'America' in the title!


-An American in Paris: watch this retro flick for a classic love triangle.

-American Graffiti: unlike American Pie’s provocative storyline, this look at high school kids is set in the 60s – think more milkshakes, less American pie…


-Coming to America: for a good laugh watch this classic starring Eddie Murphy as an African Prince who sets off to find a new bride instead of the one he’s been given per an arranged marriage.

-An American Tail: a standout cast of voices and colorful animation makes this Steven Steilberg cartoon a classic for all kids and their parents.


-the American President: one of the original ‘chick flick’s, this movie stars Annette Bening as an environmental lobbyist who ends up falling for none other than POTUS, played by Michael Douglas.

-America’s Sweethearts: watch this for great laughs and great one-liners, courtesy of ‘rom com’ vets Billy Crystal, John Cusak, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


-American Gigolo: a crime drama with twists, turns, love and lust – all the right aspects.

-American Beauty: watch this spotlight on one suburban American Family toiling with love, lust and trust.

-American Pie: the hilarious look at a group of high school friends as they approach ‘the next step’ before heading off to college.

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