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Great Escape: Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGSpalm springsThe Ace Hotel | Workshop Kitchen + Bar | The Parker | Coachella Valley Preserve

Photo Credit: The Ace Hotel | Retail Design Blog | The Parker | Coachella Valley Preserve


We're loving hippy layering for desert dressing in Palm Springs featuring SCOUT's Oh Bucket, Shell Yeah

1. Left of Center: Long Beach Pullover 2. Featured SCOUT 3. Trina Turk Tropicalia Bikini 4. Left of Center: Dripped Kiri Tee 5. Spectra Scarf 6. Maypol Skipper Platino Espadrilles 7. Mother Charmer Jeans  8. Maypol Satsuma Espadrille Sneakers 9. Amadi Tibby Swing Tank  

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