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From My Kitchen to Yours

 Hidden Kitchen is a private supper club in Paris. The dinners take place two times a week and cater to sixteen guests. There is no address disclosed until the reservation is placed.

I was lucky enough to attend a dinner during my most recent trip to Europe after hearing about the club through a friend.  

I met other dinner guests from Germany, Canada, Italy, and France. There was also one other young couple from America who work as consultants to Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods. All sixteen people sit at one table  in a beautiful all white and beige dining room as pictured below.

There are ten courses, and each course is paired with a special wine. The courses are about the size of a kiwi. One guy at my dinner kept looking at everyone's plate to see who would eat it all!

Home entertaining is a new concept turned business model that is becoming more and more popular overseas. A very cool thing to do!

2 thoughts on “From My Kitchen to Yours”

  • Stacey

    Yo, Deb!

    What a neat concept- I wish I had an awe-worthy home with which to host my own private dinner parties - maybe someday, in the meantime, I'll drool over the concept.

    quick question for you,.. i was checking out the Junque Trunk, and am curious, does it come with those nice dividers, or is that a separate purchase?

  • Deb Johns

    Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for the comment! As for the Junque Trunk, the dividers are a separate purchase.

    Hope you check back soon .


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