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Fresh Finds at the Farmers' Market: Cauliflower


Our favorite way to prepare this fresh vegetable (to be served hot or cold) would be to roast it on high heat with some great seasoning: first, rinse the cauliflower then cut it into smaller pieces; second, spread it out over parchment paper that’s flattened onto your cooking sheet (and, for the latest in baking innovation, Sur la Table's Silpat Baking Mat!); third, sprinkle the display with red pepper flakes, salt & pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil; fourth, pop into a 400-degree oven until it begins to brown. Take it out of the oven, toss it with a little parmesan, chiffonade of fresh basil or mint, a little more olive oil, and serve!

Additional toppings for this simple dish could include: toasted bread crumbs tossed in parm; toasted pine nuts; any fresh herbs from the garden.


for the summertime visits to the farmers' market, keep it casual yet chic in a pair of Rugby's painted white denim overalls; for accessories, Matta's Dupatta Emiri Scarf will be the perfect lightweight cover-up if there's too much sun; Dansko's Volley Canvas Clog maintains comfort and style while strolling for seasonal staples; finally, pair overalls with a fun tee, we love Splendid's tie dye v-neck style above right!

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