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Featuring Turquoise in the "On the Go Duo"

Navy is quickly becoming a closet mainstay due to the recent spring 'denim craze'... we believe the most dynamic accent of navy is turquoise, and an easy & inexpensive way to pop with some turquoise is through jewelry or a simple tee, which won't 'overwhelm' the look, so toss your Doggie Bag in your Shop-a-Haul-It and let's picnic under a blue sky with Scout's latest spring stripe, Crew Blue!

DECORATIONS & A DOGGIE BAG: for the key pieces in turquoise, try one or two standout cuffs, or a pair of dangly earrings Consider Scout's Doggie Bag the 'hidden gem' of our insulated line: one customer told us that she has used hers a couple of times to cushion her jewelry while travelling, noting that the size is "just right" for various baubles and precious stones. Oh, the possibilities of a Scout bag! 








TOPS & DRESSES: naval accents such as the epaulets on the shoulder or sleeve, crested brass buttons, and double-breasted closures offer a more 'professional' look, while a tie-dye skirt or a cut-out 'apron' style dress gives a contemporary edge to more ladylike pieces. As colors, turquoise and navy are universally flattering, complementary to any and every skin tone!











SHOP-A-HAUL-IT & SHOES: in continuation with the striped theme, a shoe is the perfect way to pick up spring's 'seaside' influence, as highlighted in the heeled clog below; a ballet flat with nautical stripes is a clean and versatile enough pattern to pair with solids or other patterns (in particular, when the stripe is one color incorporated with white); as displayed in the shoes below, styles for this spring are either super high or pancake-flat, so you can either walk sky-high or skim the streets down low! 

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