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Father's Day Gifts: for the Coffee & Bookworm Dad

BOOKWORM FINDS: for the easy reader, gift with hardcovers, paperbacks, or a Kindle! if you're dad's a history buff, give him a tome by one of the great historians, David McCullough; if you're dad is funny (read: sarcastic), give him something by David Sedaris, an author whose narratives on his own kooky family have been cracking up readers for years; if your dad has always been a newspaper kind of guy, gift him with a bin in which he can store prized or commemorative clippings, like Scout's Junque Trunk in It's a Dawg's Life; for the tech-friendly dad who welcomes the future of 'books', get him Amazon's Kindle; for the dad who is resisting anything that sounds akin to 'bifocals', ease him into aging eyes with a chic pair of glasses from Cutler & Gross.







CAFFEINE-JUNKIE FINDS: if you have a dad who enjoys making and drinking expresso, get him Nespresso's new smaller design, the Pixie; if your dad prefers to make coffee "the old-fasioned way", buy him Chemex's classic model; Stumptown or Intelligentsia are two great coffee brands we find ourselves hunting for, and they sell by the pound in stores and online! a cheeky and funny alternative to the ubiquitous solid-colored coffee mug is Urban Outfitters' Mustache mug. 

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