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Fall Patterns: Olive Tones

“We’re trying to establish ways to add dynamic newness to your wardrobe – as you build your wardrobe, update it with basics in color… here is one color that we believe carries validity into 2012, olive: inspired by uniform and military, olive has become a superchic neutral that effortlessly blends with your other neutrals, but additionally pairs well with bright accents (think violet, orange, pink).”

INTRODUCING OLIVE WITH OUTWERWEAR: from left to right, try olive tones in outerwear, which will certainly pair well next to your fall brights... the Aspesi Jacket below is lightweight in fabric and in the richness of the hue, great with white or grey; the Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons jacket below is architectural in shape and will look fab with a pencil skirt; the Redburn Quilted Jacket is no doubt a classic, so spruce it up with jeans in a violet hue; Rick Owens' Scarabeo Sleeveless Biker Jacket is a statement-making piece with which black pants would pair well; finally, Barbour has quickly reemerged as a go-to brand for outerwear, and their versatile Polarquilt Jacket with clean lines in a neutral olive hue shows why.

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