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Creating a Great Laundry Room (and Making Laundry Manageable!) with Scout

Laundry: some love it; others loathe it. Most can agree, however, that the mere thought of clean clothes cajoles any & every anxiety that plagues the subject of laundry. Let Scout be a token of comfort here as you prep for a tidier laundry space!


For starters, we suggest saving a few bucks to buy an item from our upcoming Spring line (a throwback to older Scout totes), the XYZ Deano in Turquoise Gingham. This item will be available next month on the Bungalow site as well as in the stores of your fave Scout retailers! It's perfect for tossing in a heap of dirty clothes on its way to the washer.
For an easily washable rug, opt for Fo Flor’s Basket Weave Runner, which spans the length of a washer & dryer side-by-side! The pattern shucks the need for a laundry basket (that's what the Deano's for!)


For beautifully-packaged and well-crafted laundry supplies, we choose The Laundress: their detailed detergents and accessories maintain a chic black & white theme in your space.
Choose an inexpensive and completely useful hanger design from the Container Store: we love their Soft Touch Hanger, available in pink & turquoise!

Top off your all-around clean look with a bright blue clock from Jonathan Adler… sure, your appliances may have their own separate time-keepers, but how can you resist this unique piece?!
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