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Chris' Family Bag


Meet Chris.

With all of her kids out of the house she's back in her prime. She's got time to rediscover her love of painting and cooking. She uses her SCOUT bags as the perfect way to keep all of her stuff together.

DSC_3003Bag of choice: The Pocket Rocket

Why she loves it: "As an artist I rely on lots of tools and supplies and I don't have to spend time searching a large open bag when I have everything sorted into the exterior pockets. It's a must for plein air painting. I keep it packed and ready to go!"DSC_3132-2When pastels inevitably smear in here its no problem I just wash it out. Prior bags I've used for art supplies were not so forgiving.

DSC_2995pictured: SCOUT Cool Clutch in Glory Maze

"I've always loved to cook. The Cool Clutch is a perfect size for a smaller grocery haul, jaunt to the Farmer's Market."DSC_3059"SCOUT provides me with the best in style. I also love that all of the products are washable."

DSC_3148Carter approved.DSC_3097"Storage is the key to saving time! I don't want to pack away items I don't use daily into the attic or basement so SCOUT has provided the perfect good looking solution in every size imaginable"DSC_3170

Thank you for joining us to see how our customers use SCOUT in their life! If you missed one of the other Family Bag posts, click here: Mary Jo | Anne

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