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Chill Out Week: the Progressive Lunch









WHERE TO DINE: We've decided to promote SCOUT's hood in this post, because amidst the hustle and bustle of summer there's always one day when you're craving a lengthy lunch, and Georgetown's got the goods to serve one up! if travelling around the East Side of Georgetown, visit Peacock Cafe for a simple salad or appeztizer; walk next door to Cafe Milano for your entree; walk down to Cady's Alley, where our favorite Kafe Leopold's is tucked away serving fantastic dessert;

On the West Side of Georgetown, have your first course at Citronelle, where the salads and appetizers nearly rival the critically-acclaimed entrees; have a meal at Bourbon Steak a couple blocks down, right in the Four Seasons; finish off your meal with to die for (repeat: to die for) pastries from Baked & Wired.

WHAT TO WEAR: for your day out & about, seeking refuge indoors at restaurants, start your look with a sundress that will work with nearly all restaurants' "rules of attire", we love how chic yet appropriate Top Shop's crochet dress is, at left; for indoor warmth, bring along Matta's Dupatta scarf (recognize this from Meryl Streep's lineup of accessories in It's Complicated?); stroll comfortably in Loeffler Randall's ladylike Rowena sandals, the perfect structure with delicate ruffle detail; tuck your bills to pay the tabs into SCOUT's Tote-All Package in SCOUT Signature.

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