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Buy Ahead, Save a Buck: Bedding

SALE… Just hearing the word from a consumer-happy friend or reading it in a promo email is enough to make the heart skip a beat… and then sprint off to wherever the sale is! This week we’re featuring some of our own SCOUT products on sale now, as well as other useful items from bedding to beachwear. Here we encourage you to stock up on the good stuff of 2011 before it leaves the ‘SALE’ pages of your favorite web sites!


Clockwise, from top left: Designers Guild Charlottenberg Printed Floral Bedding; Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009); Ralph Lauren Home Pink Oxford Bedding Collection; Serena & Lily bedding - Melon Penny Dot Sheet Set, Sprout Penny Dot Sheet Set, Punch Bloom Pillow, Grass Bloom Pillow; SCOUT Original Deano Carryall Tote in prep Stripe Pink Cardigan, *on sale now at the Scoutlet!

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