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A Surprise Valentine’s Lunch, Courtesy of You & Scout!

One of the most thoughtful ways to surprise someone is with a lunch or munchies that you’ve already prepared. Whether you’ve got an under- or over-21 spirit, tote it in Scout’s Spirit Liftah; then store lunchtime treats in the Doggie Bag!

  •  We like the heart-shaped water crackers from ValleyLahvosh.com, and heart-shaped cheeses from either Zabars.com or CoachFarm.com… like bread & butter (or you & your other!), heart-shaped crackers & cheese are a fitting fix during a busy Valentine’s workday!


  •  Order a box of cupcakes from Sprinkles.com… bring one along to top off the lunch, then give the rest to friends! For Valentine’s Day, choose either the ‘XOX Box’ or the ‘Red HOT Velvet Box’

  • For wine in the Spirit Liftah, choose a naturally pink-hued Rose; for other thirst-quenchers, choose from Lorina.com’s Pink Lemonade, Izze.com’s sodas, or FizzyLizzy.com's sparkling juice! 

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