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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Denim for Spring: a European Ecouragement

    Scout by Bungalow Indigo Go denim Grand Plan bagDenim has always been considered a 'classic' on our side of the pond, but glance at the store windows in Europe and you'll find that not only is denim featured in its structured form, but it also shows up distressed, and often times as a motif, with its faded-blue hue as part of a larger color story at hand. This hue, you'll notice, is best interpreted with the use of another classic 'color', white: no color combo eases you into the spring season better than the relaxed effect of pairing white with denim or denim-hued garments.Scout by Bungalow blue ballet flatsScout by Bungalow blue white jelly flatsScout by Bungalow grey blue high top sneakersScout by Bungalow denim platform shoes

    While denim head-to-toe would no doubt look strange, denim for shoes and denim over the shoulder looks fabulous as a subtle item of intrigue amidst easier spring dressing! Save your 'saturated denims' for fall, and instead opt for a 'softer' version... the crisp white of a shirt or pants with a diffused denim 'foils' the effect of a harsher, heavier fabric. Accents or details in a brushed down or burnished silver (think pewter) complement this look. 

    Scout by Bungalow blue tote bag braided handlesScout by Bungalow blue crocodile pattern bagScout by Bungalow blue utility bag blue and white scarf

    For outfits, take from one of the several cues featured in the below ensembles: white lace makes denim appear less structured, and more delicate; the color-blocking mix of mostly denim-blue, a hint of white, and the subtle addition of black look immediately 'pulled together' with a simple white tote.

    Scout by Bungalow white bucket tote and blue trenchScout by Bungalow denim paired with white dressingScout by Bungalow denim look with white

    Look for Scout's NEW 'Indigo Go' fabric to arrive SOON for spring 2011! Shown here in the Grand Plan tote, Indigo Go is sure to be Scout's new signature fabric. Like its cousin, black, denim fabrics work seamlessly with the millions of other ways you dress for spring!

  • Scout Musings In the Store Windows & Streets of Europe

    In addition to the fabulous European fashion we photographed and readers saw featured throughout this week of Yo Deb, we felt that the best way to round it out was with, what else, Scout! As you can see in the following pictures, Scout around town seems to be the norm on the streets of Milan, Paris, and London: whether sitting in store windows or standing in a crowd, Scout's plaids (and one Scout dog) are driving and inspiring European style.Scout by Bungalow plaid pattern on chairScout by Bungalow plaid toteScout by Bungalow plaid on tote

    Seeing Scout in action definitely encourages us to keep building off of our signature plaid & dachshund prints, and we hope you'll continue to feel inspired to mix & match these different prints!

    Scout by Bungalow plaid tote bagScout by Bungalow Scoutie dogClockwise, from left: a blue gingham print on this chair rings true as 'signature Scout'; male readers should feel emboldened by this style guru; great example of the practicality of a Scout tote and the simplicity of a Scout plaid, part of this woman's chic ensemble; an older model of classic black gingham that inspired our original 'shlepping' tote; a round of applause for this oldest and wisest of all... perhaps Scout's cousin?!

  • Winter Weather Staple: European Coat Styles

    Everyone knows that the easiest way to stay warm is by wearing a heavy coat... but before you grab your longest or boxiest favorite, we suggest that you try a colorful, cropped, or even a wildly printed version! We've found a couple great examples within each style to ease you into this process, so that the next time you're strolling in the cold, consider heavier weights and thicker fabrics in tailored, ladylike, or colorful styles.

    Image of European street style featuring winter coats and black high heels

    In a number of these street shots, notice that the key accents are tights and totes: tights or trim pants are the most flattering beneath the oft-larger size of a winter coat; when a heavier fabric yokes up top, a smarter and more comfortable bag alternative is the handbag, or even just a tote that you carry in-hand! Maintain this balancing act through the end of winter walks, and save 'over-the-shoulder' for spring... coming soon!



  • Jungle Boogie: the Fun European Response to Leopard

    Well readers, the animal kingdom is alive and well in Europe! This print is not only considered a staple, but it's practically a 'classic' amongst European women's (and some men's) wardrobes. Our favorites come in faux fur, which is more modern and thus blends well within the style realm of jeans and 'easy' dressing. Scout by Bungalow sees leopard as a critical player for our fall line, so, ladies who love leopard: look to Scout in the coming months for your go-to tote bag, travel bag, or storage bin!

  • European Street Chic: Tonal Dressing

    Tonal dressing is perhaps the 'half-sister' of monochromatic dressing: this look is best achieved by 'keeping it in the family', or, drawing on hues from the same general color palette. Try shades of grey, puddy, earth tones, or, as shown in the above photo from a Parisian storefront, cool hues! The newest way to dress 'tonally' is to combine unlikely shades from one family of color instead of trying to 'match' within your ensemble. Also consider mixing casual and 'dressy' fabrics to create a signature look.

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