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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Gifting, with a Lil’ Something Extra…

    Throughout these posts we’ve highlighted a number of clever ways to gift wrap, but we may have just thought up our coolest idea to date: Scout’s Lil’ Slim as the perfect veil (& extra gift!) for the bookworms and foodies in your life.


    Snatch your friend’s favorite food magazine to tuck in the Lil’ Slim, then pair with a small kitchen tool. For cooking magazines, consider Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Saveur; for fun kitchenware, visit Rice.dk… one of Rice’s colorful spatulas or cutting boards would slide easily into the Lil’ Slim!

    For a cheeky gift, pack Amy Sedaris’ tabletop/quasi-cookbook, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. Visit AmySedarisRocks.com to buy a copy in hardcover or paperback!


    Not into food? Pack “2 servings” of DVDs: one film & one season from a television series… For a funny juxtaposition, pair a copy of The Adams Family with a season of Modern Family!

  • A Surprise Valentine’s Lunch, Courtesy of You & Scout!

    One of the most thoughtful ways to surprise someone is with a lunch or munchies that you’ve already prepared. Whether you’ve got an under- or over-21 spirit, tote it in Scout’s Spirit Liftah; then store lunchtime treats in the Doggie Bag!

    •  We like the heart-shaped water crackers from ValleyLahvosh.com, and heart-shaped cheeses from either Zabars.com or CoachFarm.com… like bread & butter (or you & your other!), heart-shaped crackers & cheese are a fitting fix during a busy Valentine’s workday!


    •  Order a box of cupcakes from Sprinkles.com… bring one along to top off the lunch, then give the rest to friends! For Valentine’s Day, choose either the ‘XOX Box’ or the ‘Red HOT Velvet Box’

    • For wine in the Spirit Liftah, choose a naturally pink-hued Rose; for other thirst-quenchers, choose from Lorina.com’s Pink Lemonade, Izze.com’s sodas, or FizzyLizzy.com's sparkling juice! 

  • Don’t "Bag It"… BAGETTE It: Toting Chic Valentine’s Decorations

     If you love to gift and enjoy indulgences of the Valentine’s kind throughout the year (think chocolate, reds & pinks for the home), look no further than the following sites, then tote them to & from in Scout’s Bagette bag!

    • Visit Normanloveconfections.com for a wide array of scrumptious sweets designed by inventive chocolatier (and company namesake), Norman Love! We're planning for his 25-piece Valentine's Day Gift Box... don't let the beauty of each chocolate keep you from gobbling up the whole box, Love's flavor combinations are out of this world!

    • We love Fivestripes.com for its colorful assortment of ‘Ana Candles’, suitable for a variety of occasions… we prefer to incorporate different colors of these candles within their matching striped pattern!

    • Check out JohnDerian.com for the designer’s fantastic selection of decoupage… in particular, look for love-inspired trays and paperweights!

  • Guys n’ Dolls: Gifting Yourself OR Hinting For Gifts from Someone Else!

    When we contemplated the ultimate mouth-watering Valentine’s gift, our minds didn’t immediately drift to chocolate… the thought of Christian Louboutin brought us to a standstill. What better way to gift yourself or act surprised with a “How’d you know?!” line than to receive a pair of red-soled Louboutin shoes? *Frugal fashionistas, fear not!* Web sites like Net-a-Porter.com and Bluefly.com feature a variety of his shoes at can’t-beat sale prices. At Net-a-Porter we loved the red sole & pink suede combo in Louboutin’s ‘Declic 120’ Pumps!

      If your heart doesn’t stop for shoes, we equally adore OPI nail polishes: as of January 12th, the brand started selling its “Valen Time For Love” collection of hues, with gorgeous reds & pinks! For any shade of pink or red, visit OPI.com, where you can search by nail color! We choose Flashbulb Fuchsia, a standout pink that complements any skin tone!

    Craving comfort? Visit JonathanAdler.com for themed needlepoint pillows and cozy throws in Valentine’s colors. We like his ‘Mod Love’ needlepoint pillow with ‘Hot Pink and Natural Nixon’ Throw!

    Carry all gifts (or magazine cutouts, as the case may be) in Scout’s Original Deano in Good News… perfect for toting all your heart’s desires!

  • Pitching Pink Early: Valentine’s Day Fitness

    Don’t be shy… let the pink & red explosion of color on Valentine’s Day accompany you to the gym! We’re suggesting Scout's Mini Deano tote for this in Daily Bubble Pink:

    •  Visit Lululemon’s site and click ‘Shop by Colour’… we love their ‘Passion’ hue for different styles of workout gear!


    • Check out Nike.com for a pair of shoes with Valentine’s flair, the Air Max+ 2011 (shown in Summer White/Anthracite-Crimson)


    • Use Target.com’s color swatches to help you find pink equipment… we chose the Gaiam yoga mat


    • For energy drinks that liven yet won’t overwhelm you, we like Zipfizz’s flavor tubes in Berry and Pink Lemonade!

  • Making Cupid’s Job Easier: Prepping for Valentine’s Day

    Sure, we know there are 3 more weeks before Valentine’s Day, but with everyone’s busy schedules, why not print out this week’s tips to save some time and energy once the week of approaches? (Cupid will thank you!) Today we’re loving Scout’s Mini Almighty in Graceline Stripe

    Send the girls off to school with cards, stamps, and candy in this perfectly-sized tote! We like Retrostockart.com, Hipstercards.com, and Cavallini.com for cute & clever notes; visit the USPS site for the ‘Love: King & Queen of Hearts’ stamps collection; check out Retrocandyonline.com for easy browsing of classic Valentine’s sweets.

    For your gal pals, use the Mini Almighty to store small Valentine’s gifts! Tarina Tarantino’s lucite baubles and heart designs make up the totally appropriate gift that simply says, ‘Thinking of You!’



    Mark your calendar...

    Valentine's day is 3 weeks from today!

  • Eating in Foggy Bottom

    FOR EATING in Foggy Bottom, we pick:

    • BLUE DUCK TAVERN for thoroughly comforting contemporary American
    • FOUNDING FARMERS for an extensive selection of sustainably-made food in a hip setting
    • KINKEAD’S for fresh seafood prepared in inventive ways
    • RIS for a perfectly executed meal with just-right flavors
    • WESTEND BISTRO for out-of-this world creations from French Chef Eric Ripert
    • BARCODE for simple and tasty updates on classic Italian cuisine
    • NOTTI BIANCHE for delicious Italian in a smaller setting
    • POST-NOSH, bring along Scout’s Original Deano and visit the following:

    • TRADER JOE’s yes, it’s technically a grocery store, but look inside for a fantastic selection of grab-and-go foods/meals from a variety of cuisines!
    • BREADLINE for a light lunch with tasty soups, salads, and freshly-baked breads
    • WILLARD HOTEL take a walk around the property of this beautiful hotel, established in 1850!
    • WHITE HOUSE the First Family’s home is only a couple blocks away from the Willard… take a peek through the fence! (People do it all the time!)
  • Eating in Georgetown... Scout's Hood!

  • Moving Further Downtown... In & Around the Convention Center

  • Taking Your Palette to Dupont Circle

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