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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Redecorating & Updating Your Home

    Little add-ons mean a lot: a fresh coat of paint, a new slipcover or re-upholstery job, fun artwork or throw pillows. Take the opportunity to add a little flair to a room filled with basic furnishings, or swap out some edgy items for more 'obvious' choices. Remember, its your house... it should look and feel like you! Fun, function, and fashionable flair should fuse within each space of your home.

    The following site are some of our fave outlets for home accessories:

    -Jonathan Adler: for custom needlepoint pillows, ceramic vases, and sculptures with modern flair
    -Design Within Reach: for iconic to modern items for the home, from furniture to accessories
    -MOMA Store: for colorful to edgy accents
    -The Conran Shop: for 'of the moment' accents for the home!

    1. Jonathan Adler Pipe Match Strike

    2. Design Within Reach Cast Iron Fire Bowl

    3. Jonathan Adler Capricorn Zodiac Pillow

    4. MOMA Store Object Tea Towels by Leanne Graeff

    5. Conran Shop Diesel Fork Table Lamp

    6. Scout's NEW storage bin... available in February!

  • New Year... New Menus!

    Try new meal ideas in the new year to get out of your routine or food "rut". We suggest theme weeks where you pick one country to cook from all week: Italy, Spain, Mexico, China and France are some of our favorites. Consult the Food Network website for terrific recipes covering everything under the sun. You can even decorate for a fun night of "around the world eating"; or, do a potluck "around the world" night... ask friends to bring dishes from different countries for an international tasting! Try new spices, new fresh fruits and vegetables that you have never cooked with before. Innovate and create new family favorites to expand your menu dossier!

    Take along our BAGETTE  for your shopping excursions, it holds two grocery bags of food!
    Fun foodie websites for internet shopping:
    1. Zingermans- known for its breads, condiments and cured meats
    2. Zabars- a New York landmark and excellent source for basic to unique ingredients
    3. Dean & Deluca- great for staples to exotic spices
    4. King Arthur Baking Company- for all of your baking needs

  • Organizing Your 2010 Life to Prep for 2011

    The new year is a perfect time to get your home/away office organized. If you have the time and energy to do it yourself, great! ...But if not, dont feel guilty about hiring a professional "organizer"!  We have learned that there are two ways people stay "organized", with files or piles... Let's face it, the more you are able to maintain your own style of organizing, the more successful the results will be!

     SCOUT has some "support" products to help you out in your newly fashioned office:
       1. Hang-10 Bins- perfect for organizing your files!
       2. Got Issues- fits your favorite magazine issues from the past year, like the September issues...  
       3. Shouldah Bins- great for almost tossing those old files from 2010!
       4. Junque Trunks- fits 4 of SCOUT's Divide & Conquer inserts, to help you become an uber-organizer!  
       5. Trash Caches- perhaps the most important of all... fill it up and declutter your life!
     Other outlets for great office items:
       1. Russel and Hazel- notebooks and files in fab, fashionable colors/patterns
       2. Alice Supply Company- for desktop tool boxes to trendy dustpans/brushes
       3. Muji- for "minimalist" craft paper and clear plastic desktop items
  • Travel: Checking One Off the 'Bucket List'

    Dont miss an opportunity to grab quick trips to see friends and family! Book your trip through some of our favorite travel sites:

    1. Tablet.- (http://www.tablethotels.com/), for of the moment foreign & domestic hotels!

    2. Skyscanner Flight Search- (http://www.skyscanner.com/), for great deals on flying!

    3. Join 'frequent traveler' programs- look for one on your favorite airline's web site, or try Amtrak.com!


    Pick up new guide books for your favorite cities. This lets you know the hip places to stay and dine... as well as SHOP!

      1. eat.shop- has great eating and shopping destinations, featuring lesser known "one off" spots... available for domestic and European cities.
    2. Knopf MapGuides- fold-out maps for each cool area of your destination city, with descriptive info on hotels, restaurants, shopping, museums and sights to see!
    3. Pocket-pilot- mini fold-out maps show city highlights... perfect to tuck into your pocket or bag!

    Pack an assortment of 3 oz. "toiletries" in our Pill Popper... perfect size for carry-on. Our favorite lines of liquids include:

    1. Bliss cosmetics

    2. Molton Brown

    3. Miller Harris


    Take along our Fast Getaway Roller Bag ...and stay tuned for new travel ensembles this spring!



  • Wardrobe Purge

    'Out with the old & in with the new', a big mantra for the new year! In 2011, edit your wardrobe to the essentials: clothing that fits, that's comfortable, that makes you feel like the best version of you.  Don't try to be an age you are not; young or old, strive for TIMELESS!  Before you put new purchases or gifts into your closet, endeavor to edit what is already there. Send items to local organizations that are set up to give or sell your unwanted items. Try the following:

    1. The Vietnam Veterans Association- they will pick up on specific days in your area!
    2. Suited for Change- designed to put working attire back into circulation for those who can't necessarily afford professional wear!
    3. Church thrift stores- many have them to raise funds for the church...
    4. Consignment stores- in your neighborhood or on the web!
    5. Plan a swap party- everyone brings unwanted items and you can trade with each other!

     Need a bag to carry all of your give-aways in? The ORIGINAL DEANO or the FOUR BOYS BAG are the perfect options!



  • Exercise & Health... After the Seasonal Eat-a-thons

    Want to focus on looking fabulous? Join a gym and actually commit to a class, or grab a workout buddy so you wont skip out! Try serving meals on smaller plates to help with portion control...Walk everywhere you can that is under a mile away in good walking shoes... get a physical... take high quality vitamin supplements. Looking good means feeling good!







  • Trader Joe's: From AM to PM

    We love a lot of the Trader Joe’s. We found options to satisfy the early risers to the late night movie watchers.

    1. Trader Joe's Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal

    2. Ezekiel Bread

    3. Frozen Pizza

    4. Charles Shaw Wine

  • Get in the Spirit: World Market

    Last Minute Decorations and Festive Edibles

    1. Bulb String Lights $10

    2. Panettone Bread: save for French Toast or Bread Pudding!

    3. Toblerone Chocolate

    4. Peppermint Bark Tin $9.99

    5. World Market Coffee $6.99

  • The Wellness Basket: Whole Foods

    From Whole Foods, we’ve selected a range of products for family members and friends who are always on the go. Keep them healthy this year with this carefully selected range of wellness products.

    1. Fresh Ginger

    2. Natural Honey

    3. Emergen-C

    4. Herbs

    5. Ceramic Teapot

    *With a bundle of fresh herbs and a small ceramic teapot: tell your friends they can brew their favorite herb blend as an infusion instead of  traditional tea, which contributes to wellness.

    **I was riding on a plane to Europe years ago, and a woman next to me was voting for the Academy Awards. She told me when she starts to feel achy, she takes a head of ginger, cuts it, and sits it with it in a warm bath. If you’re in the neighborhood, try Baked and Wired’s Pumpkin Ginger Bread with sugar icing.

  • Old Navy: Cozy Gifts

    From Old Navy, we like cozy options: for the feet , for the head, for the hands, for the body. Never underestimate the power of a WARM gift from a friend.

    1. Thermal Tee $10.99

    2. Cable-Knit Gloves $5.00

    3.Faux-Fur Lined Knit Slippers $7.50

    4. Striped Leg Warmers $6.50

    5. Socks $5.00

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