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Monthly Archives: August 2010

  • 2 of 5 Must Have Accessories for Fall: The Muffler

    The Muffler can be worn inside or outside, for warmth or for fashion. The origin of the muffler comes from the French sitting at their drafty cafes and needing to warm their necks…but always looking chic.


    Alexander McQueen Stone Upsidedown Skull Muffler

    Burberry Block Mega Check Scarf

    Scout Gotcha Backpack in Blueberry Poptart'n

    Topshop Leopard Superfluffy Snood

    DVF Masons Animal Print Wool-Blend Scarf

     Doesn't the Burberry re-colored plaid looks great with the new Scout backpack in Bluberry Poptart'n?

  • 1 of 5 Must Have Accessories for Fall

    There are a lot of ways to update your look for Fall. Perhaps the most practical is to shop in your own closet, reinventing old favorites with new twists. The best bang for your buck comes from purchasing accessories that are on trend and add flair in unexpected ways. We want to recommend options that range from 10s to 100s, realizing that fashion trends begin at the top and the bottom and meet in the middle. There is something for everyone this Fall on those accessory racks.

    Pendant Necklaces are number one on our list for Fall Accessories: anything from all metal, silver or gold to mixed mediums with gems, ribbons, feathers, cameos, and embossing…


    Aurelie Bidermann 18-karat Gold Goose Feather Necklace

    Coach Poppy Stone Skull Pendant Necklace

    Tarina Tarantino "Acid Alice" Couture Multistrand Necklace

    Topshop Camera Pendant

    Gold Watch Pendant

  • Chocolate Brown

    For most of us, chocolate is the ultimate treat…Irresistible, indulgent, and rarefied. From this enticing realm, Scout features the “chocolate” range for Fall/Winter. We have detailed these directional bags with vibrant striped webbing that coordinates with its striped interior. Fall Fashion is embedded with shades of browns and camels so our chocolate bag is the ideal accessory for all of your seasonal looks.

    Some of our favorite places for chocolate are pictured below.

    City Bakery (shots of chocolate!)

    Max Brenner

    Bespoke Chocolates

    ...Rococo next time you're in London.

  • Jewel of the 'Gyle

    British influence is more important than ever. In the 70s and 80s, when the King’s Road in London was uber trend driven, the British invasion influenced American fashion in a big way. For Fall/Winter, we’re seeing updated versions of argyle and argyle plaids as well as other nods to the Brits. Keep an eye out for Union Jack flag impressions in traditional to re-colored looks, reworked “Burberry” stripings and diagonal plaids as well as crowns and crests. The Scout argyle is vibrant and contemporary and works with denim to head-to-toe color for Fall/Winter.

    1. Candie's Banded Argyle Bra

    2. Kate Spade Argyle Sock

    3.UGG Australia Knit Argyle Knit Boots

    3. Old Navy Argyle V-Neck Sweater Dress

    5. Scout Be-Low Me Under the Bed Storage in Jewel of the 'Gyle

  • Vine of the Times

    Taken from an ornamental (wallpaper), Vine of the Times blends rich chocolate with high velocity turquoise to create a decorative pattern ideal for desktop to on the go accessories. Inspired by the Beatles Sgt. Pepper look to the King’s Road in the romantic 70s and 80s, Vine of the Times will add a luxurious dimension to your home, office, or wardrobe.

    1. Damask Packing Tape

    2. Damask Apron

    3. Scout Hang-10 Bin in Vine of the Times

    4. Scout Got Issues Combo in Vine of the Times

    5. Brocade Home Wallpaper and Mirror

    Brocade just opened a store in Limelight in NYC so be sure to check it out. In NYC, if you're looking for damask fabrics, see B & J Fabrics and Mood. Damask is something that can also be used as a trim. M and J Trim and Tinsel Trading in NYC are great options for these.

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