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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • Summer 101: The Great Escapes Collection

    Life is messy…Get organized for your next day or weekend trip with these perfectly sized travel accessories designed to outfit the larger Scout bags. Modeled after my favorite travel accessories, every one of these bags has multi-uses. Think out of the box. Think in the bag…These little treasures will make your life a lot neater.

  • Summer 101: The Weekender and The Daytripper

    Ideal for the ultra fashionista, these bags will take you from weekdays to weekends. They pack completely flat for easy transport. The Weekender fits neatly in the overhead while The Daytripper is easily tucked underneath the seat. This winning duo is perfect for any girl on the go!

  • Summer 101: Fast Getaway Roller Bag and Grand Plan

    Train and plane travel just got really fun. Think about how fabulous you will look pulling your Fast Getaway Roller Bag and carrying your Grand Plan Tote Bag  as you’re hauling ass through the airport. You might miss your flight, but you’ll be looking good. Our brand new coated cotton is sophisticated yet functional. Ultra lightweight and easy to clean, you won’t be able to resist this duo for your next getaway.

    See how much you can fit in each bag!

  • Summer 101: Multi-Pocketed Scout Totes


    Outfitted with lots of exterior pockets, the Pocket Rocket and the Napoleon are great sport and vacation bags.


    The pockets keep your water bottles, suntan lotion, tennis balls, magazines, sunglasses, keys…etc. all where they need to be and if anything spills, the bag is easily wiped clean.


    The Napoleon is the perfect toiletry carrier for girls at camp or in dorms, and the Pocket Rocket doubles as a great baby bag for over the shoulder or over the stroller use.

  • Scout Bags Summer 101

    Warm weather brings with it, movement…Everyone starts packing and road tripping. Scout makes the season of getaways fashionable and functional. We want to show you the best assortments of Scout gear that will get you from home to away and back in style. We believe in bang for your buck, attitude, and keeping it simple. Life is fast. Everyone’s busy. So let’s get to the beach, the country house, or the overseas exotic destination with the essential Scout travel gear. From big to small, we have it all!


    Gussie Duffle Large: Ideally suited for on the move families. The Gussie Duffle can be checked or stacked in the back of the family vehicle. Every family has an over packer, and this bag is so lightweight and holds so much, it will save you bucks at check-in. Holds eighteen beach towels, multiple stacks of clothing, and lightweight sports gear.


    Gussie Duffle Medium: The little sister to the Gussie Duffle Large. The medium duffle holds twelve towels or lots of dirty laundry for that trip home from camp. Perfect to pack in the bottom of your suitcase as the catch-all bag for vacation souvenirs to clothing overflow.


    Four Boys Bag: The quintessential bag for pillows, linens, towels, and clothing for trips to and from camp, vacation, school, and the beach house. FYI it’s also a great bag to give to friends who are moving or are constant travelers.

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