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Everyone has stuff, we give them a place to put it. Our collection of bags, accessories, coolers and storage offers something for everyone. Click below to learn more about what SCOUT is known for.

Color and Pattern

Every season our creative team creates a completely original collection of patterns. Here's how:

1. Deb, Creative Director, travels abroad (NYC, Milan, Paris, London) biannually to gather inspiration, which she finds everywhere from fabric houses to street fashion.

2. Upon absorbing the trends, Deb compiles mood boards using trade magazine clippings and personal photographs. She also creates Pantone color groupings to jump start the collection.

3. Based on Deb's boards, our talented pattern designers (Mark and Joe) create hundreds of original designs.

4. The designs are edited down to 25-30 patterns per season. Each pattern is limited-edition and produced only once, for that season.